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Life update...

OK, it has been a while since I updated. The past couple of weeks have been non-stop - working, working on the house, and trying to sleep enough to keep going. July 4th weekend wasn't much of a holiday, my folks came over and we worked all three days. Saturday was primarily prying the fence posts and concrete out of the front yard. That's a lot of work, let me tell you. Sunday was random stuff - my dad modified the gutter downspouts, we fixed up the shed a bit, just a lot of small stuff. Monday was cutting down trees and branches, and removing vines, in the backyard. The good news is most everything outside that needed to be done is done.

Just about everything inside is done too. While my dad and I were working outside, my mom was cleaning inside. There is still some more to do, but most of the rooms have been cleaned. I've hung all the shades as of yesterday. The only remaining windows are the casements in the big room, and the sliding glass door - and the vertical blinds for those are on order. Oh, and the bay window in the front room - but I'm not sure what I'll be covering that with yet. Drapes eventually I'm sure, but I don't know what color I'll be painting it so I don't want to spend money on something that won't match. So maybe something cheap for now.

There have been issues - after the rain last week I was in the basement and i found water in one corner, which had run across the floor to the wall to the finished area and some fungus things were growing. Turns out that corner is a low spot in the yard, and the yard slopes towards the house. So the long term fix is to get a load of dirt and re-grade that part of the yard. The short term fix was the aforementioned downspout changing. One of them drained right into the corner - and had actually created a sinkhole. I found that while mowing the lawn - when I put a leg in it up to my knee. BIG hole, right against the foundation - but the hole at the surface was tiny, it was just a sub-surface void. So my dad and I planned a system to re-route the downspouts and got all the parts, then he did that while I was doing other things. With some elbows and more downspout lengths the water is now routed around the corner of the house and downslope. I picked up sacks of top soil at Home Depot to fill in all the fence post holes, and I filled in the sink hole too. I was down there yesterday, with the rain we've been having, and it seems to be staying dry.

However, that wasn't the only water issue. On Saturday night I was putting a dehumidifier in the basement to help dry out the rain water, and as I was leaving I heard a drip. The sound of water dripping onto something wet. And most of the basement is carpeted. Listening to the dripping I eventually found it - the joint leading into the water meter as leaking. The carpet was soaked, bad, enough to squish when I walked on it. It wasn't wet the day before, so it was a new leak. Lovely. Fortunately tightening the connection seems to have stopped it, though I'll keep an eye on it.

The dehumidifier has been drying things out, and I set up a box fan to circulate the air over the wet area. My dad sent me a condensate pump and I rigged that up to the dehumidifier so I don't have to keep emptying it manually. Tip - a condensate pump (for condensing, high-efficiency furnaces) go for about $25 - Home Depot sells dehumidifier pumps for ~$100. Anyway, it is drying out down there slowly but surely.

What else... Before the weekend, when it was so hot, I picked up 4 window A/C units at Percy's after pricing them at Sears, Home Depot, etc. Best prices I found, and the Frigidaire units I got are pretty quiet. I got those in to make sure it was cool enough for my mom working inside - she has MS and doesn't deal well with heat. I also got the mailbox and house numbers up. My new range was delivered this morning. Last Sunday my mom and I ran around a bit to pick stuff up, and we stopped at Rotman's where I ordered a bed for the guest room - 4-8 weeks on delivery for that. I also saw a table and chair set I really liked, and I think I'm going to go back and buy that too. I'll get mattresses for the new bed (it is a full with a pop-up trundle underneath so it needs two) once it is in.

ADT was out yesterday (Friday) and did the alarm. Richardson's Rubbish was out the day before to pick up the fence posts, mulch (oh, I raked out most of the old bark mulch to get rid of it), brush that we cut down, etc. BTW, I've used this guy twice and he's been great about it - fast, thorough, and reasonably priced. If you're in the Worcester area and need stuff hauled off, Richardson's Rubbish is 774-696-3217. He doesn't normally do brush, but he will at times. He charges by the load - $125 for 1/3 of the truck, so $375 for a full truck. And he'll pack it in - I've filled two trucks so far. (10 yards I think, each time.) I've lost track of things, so much in the past couple of weeks. Before the 4th the locksmith was supposed to be out on Monday morning (come to think of it, that was also the first trip for the rubbish) and they kept calling that they were delayed at another job. He finally showed up around 2PM - and didn't have everything he needed. So he suggested rescheduling it for Wednesday morning. Tuesday afternoon he calls to say some part wasn't in yet, but should be the next morning and he'll call when it is. I didn't get a call until close to 5PM Wednesday, and he said it was too late to do all the work that day. I was getting up early every morning for these appointments, so Thursday morning I was tired and running a few minutes late and called him No problem, he was running a few minutes late himself, just had to swing by the shop for something. I got to the house a few minutes after 9, he got there a few minutes after 10. He set to work and since it was going to be hours, I went off to run errands. As I was leaving he caught me to tell me he needed to run back to the shop, again... Anyway, he finished in the early afternoon, so all the doors have new locks and deadbolts, and the sliding glass door has a charlie bar.

Tonight I'm packing more of my stuff, tomorrow usagijer and delenn1122 are going to help me take boxes over to the house. Wednesday is the big move day, when the movers move my furniture, appliances, any any boxes left. I'm hoping to take Tuesday off of work as well, to move any lingering stuff and make sure everything is set for the movers. (The more I move myself, the less I pay them to move it.) If anyone wants to help, you're welcome to. :-) We'll probably do dinner Sunday night after moving stuff. I know people work Tuesday.

Hmm, what else... Well, the slow leak in my left-front tire isn't so slow anymore, I have to put air in every couple of days. As soon as the house move is done I'll have that looked at. I also have a leak in my power steering and I have to top off the fluid every couple of weeks, so it needs work all around. The MREs I ordered came in a week or two ago and I've had a few on busy days for lunch, or dinner, and one of the other operations guys had a couple - we pronounce them yummy. They've gotten even better - I really liked Beef Enchilada.

I've been saving all the episodes of The Tick off my TiVo to a USB drive, via MRV to my PC. I had an 80GB drive I picked up a month or so back. Well, earlier this week, while saving an episode, the drive died. Burned up - damn thing was hot to the touch. Fortunately I had not yet deleted any of the episodes from my TiVo, but was about to since it was completely filling the unit. I picked up a 200GB USB drive the other night and re-transferred all the episodes, then deleted most of them on the TiVo to make room. I've also been burning all of them to DVD (this is my Pioneer TiVo DVD-RW) so I at least have those copies if something goes awry. I'm recording at max quality, so the files are about 2GB for each 30 minute episode.

Work has been work - nothing unusual really, just the normal day to day stuff. I feel like I haven't been getting as much done as I should since I've been tired from working on the house and not sleeping, so once I'm moved in I may put in a little extra time to make up for it. Me and my work ethic. :-)

Oh, I don't know if I ever posted about this - several weeks ago I was walking down the aisle of the local Store 24 when I noticed dark chocolate M&Ms on the shelf. So I bought all of them - whatever they had left, maybe a dozen snack-sized bags. I gave a few away to folks at work who had wanted to try them, and I've had some now and then. They are pretty good, but despite being a dark chocolate lover, I think I like normal M&Ms better - the milk chocolate works with the candy better I think. I don't know...

So today was the first day I got enough sleep in a couple of weeks. I had to get up early for the 8:30 delivery of my range. They'd given me an 8:30-noon range, and I guess I was the day's first delivery - they were there just after 8:30. Which was actually nice, since I turned around and went home and back to bed. I slept until late afternoon, and I feel rested for the first time in nearly two weeks - my body is happier. The aches I had seem to be gone.

Gah, just so much happening, the past few weeks seem like a blur of constant activity, and the next few days are going to be very busy with the packing and moving.
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