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Anyone local to me need an air conditioner?

I have two window units in my current apartment - both the same model Kenmore, 8,000BTU I believe. They're nice units - remote controls, thermostats (so you can set the temp, not just cooler/warmer), energy saver mode, etc. They run off standard 110 wall outlets. I think they may be about seven years old now - IIRC I picked them up in 1998, one was for my room and one for z_gryphon's room at the house we shared in Waltham. Anyway I know we picked them up in the 1998-2002 time frame we lived there.

I have all the bits, including the docs I think. My move day is the 13th, this Wednesday, then I'll be cleaning a bit in here after that. I paid rent through the 15th, and my land lady said it is OK for me to come back on the weekend (16-17) to clean and such. So basically if you want one or both of these, you'd have to come get them sometime from the 14th-17th when I can be around to let you in. And bring something to undo the screws and such holding them in. Ideally I'd like some cash, but since I checked with the land lady and she doesn't want them if someone I know wants them, I'll probably just let you have them. Let me know.
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