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25 questions...

Taken from lizzielizzie, who took them from murph_grrl...

1. You make some macaroni and cheese, or, say, a lipton rice side thingy, or something for your own personal consumption in a medium saucepan. Upon completion, do you transfer the food to a bowl or do you just eat from the saucepan?


2. While in the shower, would you say you spend most of your time facing the water, with your back to the water, or about half and half?

I think I face the shower most of the time as a strict majority.

3. When you come home from work, do you enter and immediately lock the door, or do you leave your door unlocked while you are at home for the most part? What about your car, do you ever leave it unlocked or do you lock it no matter where you are and how long you're going to be away from it?

I lock the door as soon as I come in and I keep it locked even when home. With my car I almost always lock/alarm it (same thing, remote control) - but sometimes, like when parked down a driveway away from a road, etc, I won't. I've also left it unlocked in my driveway at my new house for a bit.

4. You are going to bed and you go to charge your cell phone, but you see that the battery meter reads full on the display. Do you still plug it in to charge?

Yeah - actually I'm not likely to check the display, I just plug it in at night.

5. If you live in an apartment-type setting, do you make a somewhat conscious effort to not slam cabinet doors, stomp around, run the dishwasher, etc late at night?


6. When you were in college, did you pick up a school newspaper and then leave it strewn around the next classroom you landed in?

No. I'd either throw it away or into a recycling bin when I was done.

7. Which do you do more often: eat fast food or eat at home?

Fast food, sadly. I need to cut back - more, I have a bit. I eat out a lot, not just fast food - sit down places, etc. Living alone and with a shitty kitchen I didn't like cooking, the new house may help - yay new stove, etc.

8. If something has both microwave and stove top directions, which way do you typically make it?

Nuke it - except things like canned pastas, soups, etc. For some reason I always stove-top those.

9. Strictly speaking on soft tacos here, who is better, Taco Bell, Taco Inn, Taco John's, or someone else (preferably drive-thru fast food answers only)?

I've never heard of any of those except Taco Bell - so I'll have to say them. In fact, dinner last night was 3 Taco Bell soft tacos that usagijer and delenn1122 kindly surprised me with when they came over to help me move some stuff. They were yummy.

10. Who has better hashbrowns: Village Inn or Perkins? What about IHOP or Waffle House?

I've only ever eaten at IHOP and Waffle House - and the latter just once. Waffle House's hash browns were good - but I haven't had IHOP's in years, so, pass.

11. Do you like/mind to see movies that will presumably be sold out or would you rather just wait a few weeks or go on a weekday?

Depends on the movie, but I generally don't care how crowded it is - unless I expect it to be an unruly bunch that will disrupt watching the film.

12. Do you find humor in seeing frat boys leave a chair in between one another at the movies or do you yourself participate in this activity as well?

OK, I must explain - I'm a *BIG* guy. 6'6", broad - and yes, overweight. But even without being fat, my *shoulders* are wider than the space given to most movie seats. So if I sit right next to someone my arms are *in their space*. Period. Now, if I'm with someone I can put an arm around, that's fine. Otherwise, it sucks for both of us. So, I tend to leave an empty seat strictly for practical reasons. I also like sitting on an aisle because folding my long legs into the row can cause physical pain, and on an aisle I can stick my leg(s) out into the aisle to stretch them if need be.

13. Do you recycle? If so, more than just cans or newspapers? Does recycling day excite you as much as it does me?

Yes I do - plastics, soda bottles, cartons, paper, etc. The stuff the City of Worcester collects. And it doesn't excite me at all, I just think it is the right thing to do.

14. Now that high school is roughly 5 years or more behind the most of us that read my lj, do you have different feelings toward it that have changed recently? Looking back, did you enjoy high school?

5 years? I got out of HS in 1989. ;-) I enjoyed some of high school, but overall, no, it was not enjoyable and I was glad to be out.

15. Do you have a fascination with Boston or New York? What about Venice or Paris or Vancouver?

No, can't say I'm fascinated with any given city overall.

16. If you had to live on a coast, would you pick East or West and why?

West - Berkeley. Because I loved there 2.5 years and LOVED it. I still miss it. But my life and friends are in MA, so that's where I am.

17. Did you ever want to be on Global Guts, Wild and Crazy Kids, Legends of the Hidden Temple, or Carmen San Diego?

No, I recognize a couple of those and they were all on well into my adulthood.

18. Is Will Ferrell funny?

It depends, I've only seen him in a few things.

19. What is your favorite incense (or candle) scent?

Lilac! I burn Yankee Candle lilac candles - the very strong ones.

20. Do you like scary movies?

Thrillers, suspense, etc? Yes. Slasher flicks? No, they're stupid.

21. How many days could you go without doing laundry and without re-wearing anything, and what would you run out of first that would cause you to have to finally wash clothes?

Not re-wearing *anything*? 5 days. I own 5 pair of black jeans. I don't think I own any other pants that still fit - anything else would be ~3 years old, maybe more. I don't think I've worn anything but jeans in that time. I dumped a lot of my stuff into the Red Cross box.

Now, I normally wear jeans 2-3 days, unless I do something dirty, sweaty, etc. So I usually go a week or two before I need to wash. I own ~30 pair of underwear and socks, about as many polo shirts, and a bunch of T-shirts. (I had over 100 T-shirts, and even more polo shirts, but I gave most away to the WPI SFS last year - and what they didn't grab went to Red Cross.)

22. Do you use Tide?


23. Do you use bar soap or a fluffy poofy thingy with liquid body wash in the shower?

Bar soap - Zest.

24. Do you wash your hair every time you take a shower?

I shave my head. ;-) But yeah, when I do have hair I wash and condition it every shower.

25. And finally, Stones or Beatles?


OK, this was my 'end of the night, I'm going home' bit o' fluff. So, well, I'm going home. I will post more about the move, etc, later - tomorrow probably (well, later today looking at the time...). Just wanted a day of not thinking about the moving.
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