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Kblogger: Tools of the trade

This one really will be short. I moved out of my tiny apartment this week and into my new house, and I'm just plain exhausted from the packing, moving, unpacking, etc. I haven't had a break to write something all week, but I promised myself I'd do one of these every week - so here I am. I was going to get around to doing an entry on some of the online tools that are useful eventually, and a few days back Kath made a few posts in the Webmaster Tools forum on Webmaster Safari about some of the same tools I use, and that inspired me to do it now. And so, a brief list:

HTML Validators

CSS Validators

Link Checkers

If you've installed the Firefox extensions I've mentioned previously, the validation tools also use the services. But you can use them manually from any browser without the extensions too. That's how I used to do it before the extensions made life easier. Both sites have more tools as well The W3C's Tools Page also has a RDF Validator, P3P Validator, XML Schema Validator, and more. The WDG's Tools page also has additional resources to help you.

While I'm jabbering on, I want to mention The Web Standards Project. They have a very well-written FAQ that is worth perusing - as well as the rest of their site while you're at it.

OK, that's all this time. I need to go move some more stuff around at home...

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