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So much to do, so little time...

Well, I worked late last night since I'd been missing time for house stuff, then I went to the old apartment to gather up all of the PCs and networking gear, as well as other stuff I could pack in the car. (See epu for details - basically the net there was turned off unexpectedly early and I had to emergency move the servers to here.) Then it was home and hooking up and configuring all of the stuff. I ended up crashing sometime after dawn, actually after 7AM I think...

So I got up a little while ago and just jumped on to see what's going on. I need to go back to the apartment to do some cleaning and collect more of my stuff. I only have today and tomorrow to get the rest of the stuff out of there. It is doable, just need to make some shuttle runs back and forth. I decided to fire up Network Stumbler while I was sitting here, just to see, and I ended up picking up at least 6 11g networks and an 11b network. Only two 11g networks have WEP enabled - mine and 'Cowboy'. Most of them are very weak, but there is on in the 'green' zone that seems to be open - 'boomer'. A couple of 'linksys', etc - people don't change the default SSID. I not only change mine, I turn off SSID broadcast. I'd use WPA-PSK, but TiVo doesn't support it yet, so WEP it is.

The other thing I noticed is that ALL of them are using channel 6. Mine was too, so I switched to channel 1 and immediately got a stronger connection. So it is useful to check such things. :-)

So, off to find food and then pack and clean...
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