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Anyone want to buy a TiVo?

I have too many TiVos. In particular I'm looking to sell a Series2 box - a TCD140060 for those who know the models. This is the first Series2 TiVo sold (the first Series2 to sell was the AT&T branded 40 hour box) - a 60 hour unit. It was my first TiVo, purchased around February 2002, and it has been upgraded with the addition of a 120GB 'B' drive, giving it 180GB total. That's ~60 hours at Best, and ~222 hours at Basic. It has been out of use for over a year now. Basically when I upgraded the drives back when I first got it it wasn't known that you needed to expand the swap as well. I didn't, and eventually the unit actually needed the swap, ran out of room, and locked up. I picked up an Instant Cake CD from with the intention of fixing it - and it sat in my apartment for over a year since it was already my tertiary unit when it horked and thus not a priority. Last week I brought it into work and used one of the PC husks we have in Ops to actually re-image the drives and I tested it today and it is happy again. I through in the Instant Cake CD since it is model specific, and I don't have another one of this specific model. I still have the original box, and I can put together a set of the cables to go with it (ie, I have plenty of TiVo cables sets, just not sure which came with this one and which with other boxes). The unit has a lifetime subscription so it is good to go.

I'd like to get $350 for it - the lifetime sub itself is worth $300, plus the drive, the CD, the fact that it has been upgraded - I'll even throw in a USB Ethernet network adapter that I'd been using with the box. I think that's a pretty good deal for a 180GB TiVo - the 120GB (aka 140 hour) boxes sell for $250 *without* a subscription, the 250GB (aka 300 hour) Humax is $550, without a sub.

I'm hoping someone local to me is interested since I would rather not deal with shipping it. I thought about keeping it to play with, or to loan people to hook them... but with the house and all, I need the money more than another gadget collecting dust.
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