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Unlocking GSM phones in the Worcester area?

Does anyone know where I might get old AT&T Wireless unlocked in or near Worcester?

Since Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, and I upgraded and was 'moved' to Cingular as a customer, my account is Cingular and not AT&TW. Yet, within the network the carrier locks are still not unified, so my old phones are worthless with my new account. This is especially galling since I just had to send in my Treo for repair and while technologically I could just pop my SIM card into one of the other phones for now, because the damn things are carrier locked I can't. So I'm without until I get my Treo back. All three phones are Sony Ericsson - T68i, T226, and T616. I'd be interested in unlocking any/all of them. I already asked Cingular, they said they can only unlock Nokia phones, no joy on these.
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