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All moved...

Well, last Wednesday was the big move day. They came expecting a couple of hour move, they got a 9 hour project. The person who did the phone estimate didn't believe me when I said it was two rooms but a LOT of stuff I guess. ;-) I figured, well, they're the expert. The movers showed up around 8:30 and where there until 16:30, plus you pay the 30 minutes from/to the office. All told it was a bit over $1100 - plus I bought lunch (pizza) and tipped the guys because they were good. So a bit over $1200 I guess. Which is more than I was hoping to pay - but I don't feel bad about it. When I moved *in* to the apartment I personally moved almost all of the stuff myself, since I was unemployed at the time, making shuttle runs from Waltham to Worcester in my PT. I know how much those boxes of magazines, comics, and books weigh - I carried them in. Plus all the CDs, videos, etc. So I know what I paid for, and my back tells me it is worth it. Plus it would've taken me days to do what they did in a day. Between the boxes and my furniture, plus the fridge, washer, and dryers, I basically filled the moving van. So now my house is packed with boxes.

A huge load of thanks to usagijer and delenn1122! They helped me move some of the leftover stuff on Wednesday night, after the movers were done. And then again on Saturday night and Sunday. They helped me clean the apartment too. Having the help made things go so much faster, and it just made me stress a lot less and feel a lot better about things. A few times I was just stressing out and just having other people there and not doing it all alone helped me calm down. Everything was moved and as of Sunday afternoon at about 17:30 I am completely out of my old apartment. Farewell, shoe box. Thanks again guys, that was very nice of you!

After moving things we got cleaned up and hit Vinny T.'s for dinner. It was very good - and we had *two* cute waitresses. ;-) (One was training, you see...) The party was usagijer, delenn1122, solipsistnation, Jer's mom (who was in town for one night only), and myself. Good food was had, much garlic was consumed (solipsistnation has mad garlic dissecting skillz), drinks were enjoyed, and conversation was amusing. A good night. :-) I hadn't been to Vinny T's for a couple of years I think - and now I wonder why, since I like the food and always enjoy going there. Silly zoner.

As I promised several people, now that the house adventure is (mostly) over, I have time to take care of issues with my car and myself. First up is my car, I will be dropping it off for service Thursday morning. The 'slow' leak in the left front isn't so slow anymore, I need to put air in at least once a day, if not morning and night. I suspect a bead leak. The slow leak in the right front is still slow, still leaking. There is a bubble in the sidewall of the right rear - that's dead. I think the left rear is OK. The last time I got new tires, about 1.5 years back, one had a massive puncture and two were very worn. The 4th was still decent, but there was no sense replacing 3 tires. I still have that one, it is now in my car and maybe that can be used if I only need to replace the one with the bubble. Aside from the tires, there is a leak in my power steering. That showed up early in the house process and was small, but it has been accelerating. It only seems to happen under pressure - ie, while turning - but it sprays fluid on the block and manifold which makes smoke rise from under the hood at times while going slowly, which can be alarming. It also stinks, and I'm leaving little puddles around. Aside from that, it is time for an oil change. And, as I noticed this morning, my inspecting sticker was up in June. So, all that, and hopefully *not* more, should be taken care of Thursday. I hope.

As for me - the ulcer/hernia/whatever I seem to have seems to be getting worse. For those who don't know - I get VERY, VERY bad heartburn, right under the sternum. And sometimes when I swallow I feel it get to the very same point and then kind of just stick there. I'm not choking, it is in the right pipe, it just doesn't seem to want to go down. Most of the time if I stop, and relax and wait, it will clear - rarely I end up with a coughing fit and 'expel' what was in there. (No, not really hurling, just like, dislodging that bit.) It first noticed this back in 2000 or so but didn't think much of it, it happened once and caught be by surprise and I figured 'Huh, must've swallowed wrong.' But it happens more and more often now, and my heartburn is regular - I eat Tums pretty much daily. Some people I've told about it think it sounds like an ulcer, others thing it sounds like some kind of hernia, the name of which I've forgotten. Anyway, once the other things are taken care of I do intend to see a doctor about it. I last saw a doc, and asked about this, over 2, maybe close to 3, years ago. At the time it wasn't so bad and she basically said to cut back on spices and to try Zantac. But it seems to be progressing over time.

OK, now I just need to start unpacking...
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