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Eris 1 - Wallet 0

Well, I took Eris (my car) in for service yesterday morning, early morning, hoping that it'd be ready in a day. Well, it wasn't, so I had to leave her overnight. I was bitching about renting a car for the night, when my boss suggested I borrow 'the company car'. Have you seen The Mask? Remember 'the loaner'? 'The company car' gets referred to in about the same tone. It is a Mercury Grand Marquis, I think mid-80s vintage. The Queen Mary on wheels, you could string arrestor cables across the hood and land fighters on it. So I drove that home and back to work today. It was freaky, I haven't driven a car that big - well, since the mid-80s. And the radio was set to a station that was playing 'classics' - ie. music that seemed to be mostly 70s, with some late 60s and early 80s. So it was like driving a time machine. I felt like I was playing a video game, that HUGE hood just felt unreal.

Anyway, 16:30 today they call and say that Eris is ready, and they close at 17:00, so I got a lift over there from John (one of the other ops guys) and picked her up. She has two new shoes, a new power steering pump, new belts (since the old ones were saturated with power steering fluid), new oil, and hopefully no longer leaking tires (the two old ones). All this for the low, low price of $943.00. *sigh* Most of the cost was all the labor - see, the PT Cruiser's engine compartment is so tight the procedure to replace a power steering pump involves removing the grill and radiator to expose the front of the engine, belts, and pump. So they also had to drain, disconnect, move, replace, and refill the air conditioning system. Well, at least that should be in top condition now.

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