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Weekend Update - MegaZone's Safety Valve — LiveJournal
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
Weekend Update
Well, this past weekend was the first weekend in a month that I could relax - so I did! July 4th weekend my folks were over and I spent the whole weekend working outside on the yard, and that was some real work - especially prying out those fence posts and concrete. The next weekend was organizing and packing my apartment in preparation for the move. And then the next weekend was moving the last of my loose stuff and cleaning the old apartment for the last time (thanks again usagijer and delenn1122!). So by this past weekend I really, really needed a break. My plan was to basically be a lump - sleep, watch some TV, maybe see a movie or two, maybe unpack a bit.

Well, those plans got completely shot to hell - but in a good way! z_gryphon surprised me by showing up in town for the weekend. I'd talked to him on Thursday I think, and he said he had planned to come down, but the plans fell through. Well, they got patched up and I got a call from him on Saturday that he was in town. So we got some dinner, drove around for a while, and ended up back at my house just shooting the breeze for a while. Sunday he came back out to Worcester and we hung out, then met up with folks for the Sunday Gweep dinner - Nancy Chang's this week.

So I didn't get to any movies, and I didn't sleep as much as I was going to, and I decided to NOT unpack *anything* and give myself a weekend free of 'house stuff' - but I had a good weekend. It was really nice to see Gryph again, I miss having him around. Once I have my guest room up and running maybe he'll drop by more often - maybe get some of those writing jobs in the area.

Hmm, in other news Palm received my Treo on Friday, and the current status is "In Repair", with a ship date of 08/03. I'm going through gadget withdrawal - no cell phone, no PDA. I'm off the grid man! I can't receive orders from the MCP!

And my new boots came today - I ordered another pair of the black Timberland Euro Hikers I wear - so I can use my current pair for work around the house, and keep one pair in better shape for work and going out. :-)

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