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MegaZone's Safety Valve
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
- Still not done with the Perl. Actually, haven't really done much the past few workdays. I've been getting sucked into other things, and I'm still teaching myself LibXML before I get into the code. I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I go off in the wrong direction.

- I discovered my new phone can take contacts beamed over from a Palm, including entire categories at once. That rocks. It made entering all my work contacts easy. I've asked usagijer to add a CSV export to the Gweep Rolodex (or to let me at the code to see if I can hack it in) so I can mass import into Palm Desktop. That'll make life easy. He's said a few times I just needed to let him know what file format was needed, and I kept forgetting to look it up - turns out simple CSV is all it needs.

- I wasted too much time today trying to make the Sony Ericsson synchronization software work under WinXP on my work laptop. Something is b0rked with the installer I downloaded - it went into a loop. It'd tell me I needed to reboot then run it again to finish the install. So I'd reboot and run it again - but it'd do the exact same things, and then tell me the same thing. Repeat. I never got it to talk to my phone - I was trying to do it over IR. Not too frustrating, since it isn't vital. I just thought it'd be neat to be able to sync my phone.

- My NZ90 is on the way. UPS picked it up at 15:37 in Westmont, IL. The delivery is scheduled for May 8 - but, of course, I won't be home to sign for it. So I'll have to redirect it. So, hopefully, I'll get it on May 9th at work - which is Friday. I wish I could redirect it NOW, but they don't seem to allow that until a delivery attempt has been made. Sometimes it doesn't get to me the next day, which means I wouldn't get it until Monday. I want it to play with this weekend, so I can figure it all out!

- Lots of reactions to my shaved head at work today. Fairly positive all around. I had it shaved when I started last fall, but it was just a few weeks before I let it grow because of the cold.

- I think the pollen count must be up, my eyes itch and I'm sniffly.

- Shout out to spiderourhero

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From: iwascaite Date: May 5th, 2003 05:03 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
re: pollen count

Benedryl can be your friend. I take them at night if it's just eyes and skin, makes me sleep better and the effect lasts quite a while. Need to take more for the sneezing kinds, but then there's the weird thing about drowsiness and driving.

And remember to shower before sleeping so you don't rub all the pollen into your skin. That's actually amazingly effective, especially combined with clean sheets and your new lack of hair. Hair is really bad for allergy sufferers because it collects all the crud in the air and brings it home with you.