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Keen stuff for Palm (Attn: kyrene)

My Treo came back from Palm on Friday, but the battery, SIM card, etc, were all at home, so I had it working again over the weekend. Today I brought it into the office, upgraded it to the 1.15 firmware that was just released for Cingular 650s, and restored all my stuff from backup. Unfortunately it looks like Cingular still hasn't enabled BlueTooth DUN in their release, so I may re-do the hack for that. Edit: DUN *is* enabled. When I first checked quickly I didn't notice that the update had also turned off BlueTooth, once I turned it on again the option for DUN was there. Yay! But the new release does *greatly* improve memory handling, I was running out of room before, now I have 8MB free. (Basically the file system was very inefficient and used block sizes that were too big, so lots of small things filled up memory.)

jwz recently got himself a Treo 650 as well, and ask for software suggestions. I suggested PSSH and AvantGo, and looked at the other suggestions. There are a few I may try, but I did install Graffiti Anywhere. I'm very used to the keyboard, but sometimes you just need to jot a quick note, and with some applications selecting the right field and then typing text into a box, etc, is just a pain. Since the Graffiti 2 libraries are still in the Treo's OS, but it lacks an input area, this software has the effect of enabling Graffiti on the Treo.

I also installed KeyCaps650. This allows you to type capital letters by holding the key down longer and punctuation with a double-click. Sweet!

Finally I installed Directory Assistant. This is basically an application that front-ends It provides a slick interface for looking up numbers and addresses, and it will also kick open the browser for mapping the listing you want.

kyrene - anything you recommend from your Treo usage? (That is, if you see this when you get back from vacation...)
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