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OK, my faith in humanity just dropped, again...

From qedrakmar - Florida sports fan sentenced to death

Big deal? Read what he did and why he did it!

1. You killed your wife because you just had sex and she wanted to cuddle and you wanted to watch sports.... That is not a reason to kill someone, that's a reason to get a fucking TiVo! Jesus, VCR even. Oh, or, how about just having sane priorities.

2. That photo. The dude watched 'Sanners' too many times, me thinks. Look, dude, you can't make my head explode just by looking at me. Really.

3. Make note of the caption. A man killed his wife with a claw hammer because he wanted to watch clips of a Mike Tyson fight on Sportscenter? Somehow I think Mike would approve.

4. I have to give him points for this though: "I figured I killed her so I deserve to die."

Fortunately, Jon Stewart kicked an exceptional amount of ass in the opening of last night's The Daily Show, which offsets the loss of faith in humanity... Of course, this was a mixed bag - Stewart was in top form, but what he was lampooning is depressing.
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