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10 Interests meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. boston:
    Well, I live in Worcester, and lived for a while in Waltham too. Boston is the closest major city, and the only one I spend any amount of time in really.
  2. douglas adams:
    C'mon, I'm a geek. Hitchhiker's Guide and Dirk Gently!
  3. flying:
    I'm an aviation buff. I have a pilot's license, but I haven't flown anything since the early 90s due to time/money. (When I have the money I don't have the time, and vice-versa.) I do miss it.
  4. iced tea:
    My favorite beverage, I drink it all the time. Whenever I go out to eat I always order unsweetened iced tea, rarely anything else.
  5. learning:
    Other than the professional benefit to learning new things regularly, I just like knowledge for knowledge's sake. I could get into the psychological aspects of my self-worth being tied to feeling useful, the the more I know the more likely I am to be of use, etc. But I'm just driven to learn.
  6. neil gaiman:
    This is primarily due to Sandman, especially Death, but he's a great writer in general.
  7. reading:
    I read, a lot. Not as many books as I used to (though I just started on Stephensen's 'Quicksilver' last night), but I read a LOT for work, subscribe to several magazines and read most of them, etc.
  8. something positive:
    One of the best web comics:
  9. unix:
    The family of operating systems. I'm a geek, and I'm primarily a UNIX/Linux one. Admittedly more Linux than UNIX proper in recent years, but there is enough in common.
  10. yuri:
    A double meaning. If you've read any Undocumented Features you know that my alter-ego ends up married to Yuri of the Lovely Angels (Dirty Pair). Also, yuri is the Japanese term for lesbian relationships, the gender opposite of yaoi. And, well, two women getting it on is hot, IMHO.

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