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Buy my stuff! TiVos and a dryer.
OK, I have a few things I'm looking to sell. I can probably get more on eBay, but if someone I know wants this stuff I'd rather not deal with the hassle.

First up - two TiVos:
- One stock TiVo 230040. That's a 40-hour Series2. Original box, all the docs, cables, etc. Lifetime sub. Upgraded to 7.2 already. I'll toss in the wired Ethernet adapter I've been using with it - it is USB1.1 so you'd do better with USB2.0 on this box, but it works fine. Currently 40 hour boxes are $50 after a $150 rebate, and lifetime is $300. I'd like to get $250 - $100 savings on a new box. It is also a good box to drop a bigger drive in if you want, I have a PTVUpgrade.com "Universal Upgrade V.10" CD-ROM I can let you use if you want if I know you. SOLD!

- One upgraded TiVo 140060. This is the original 60-hour Series2, but I've added a 120GB drive to the 60GB drive, for 180GB total - for 219 hours. Original box, all the docs, cables, etc. Lifetime sub. Upgraded to 7.2 already. I've included the Wired Ethernet adapter I've been using - this box has USB 1.1 hardware, and so is the adapter. I'm also including a PTVUpgrade.com InstantCake CD-ROM for the 140060, if you ever need to re-image the drives, or want to do another upgrade, etc. 40 hour boxes are $50, 80 hour $150, 300 hour $400. Lifetime is $300. For 219 hours, with lifetime and everything included, I'd like to get $450 for this - cost of an 80 hour with lifetime. SOLD!

Most of the cables for these are unused - I'm including the cables from my newer TiVos and keeping the ones that came with these since I'd used them.

I'd prefer to sell these to someone local so I don't have to ship them. If they have to be shipped, the cost of shipping and insurance will be extra.

I also have one Kenmore electric clothes dryer. 240V, of course. Heavy duty. King size capacity. 27 inch wide. Automatic moisture detection - so it does timed drying, or you can set how dry you want things and let it do it automatically. Traditional appliance white. Docs included. Model number 110.63022100. Purchased new in June 2002, used until July 2005. Perfect working condition. I'd like to get $100 for it. You'll need to pick it up at my house in Worcester, MA. (No, I am not shipping a dryer. ;-) )

If someone I know wants something we can do payments if you can't pay up front. If you want to make me a *reasonable* offer on these items, I'll consider it.

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reme From: reme Date: September 24th, 2005 01:17 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
oooooooh. in the exceedingly unlikely event that i sell $250 worth of yarn at the craft show tomorrow, i'm ALL OVER your tivo. um, not that i have cable or anything.