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WTF is wrong with my brain?

I do this all the time - I type a word similar to the word I mean, but completely NOT what I meant to say. I don't mean a simple typo, I mean a well-formed word that is just the wrong word.

In my last post I wrote "A scented cancel." I didn't notice it when I read it before posting, or just after posting. I just noticed it as I was reading another entry and my eye skimmed over it. I meant, of course, "A scented candle."

Earlier in *this* post I wrote "I don't me a simple typo" - but I noticed that a few words later and corrected it.

There has to be a name for this stupid mental cross-wiring.

I feel like that character on one episode of Duckman who could only say the word *next* to the word he wanted in the dictionary - proxyglossoriasis. (Though I prefer the term z_gryphon coined when we couldn't remember what they called it - juxtapalexicosis.)

I do this a lot, and it annoys me. The worst part is that it passes spell check since I end up using real words.
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