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A question...

This was in lizzielizzie, asked by motomuffin:

You've just been given a one-shot time machine, and it works like this: You push a button and in exactly one week's time, it rewinds the WHOLE UNIVERSE to the exact moment you pushed that button. You have one consequence-free week; anything you do will never have happened. How do you spend it?

OK, this reminds me a bit of Groundhog Day or that hilarious episode of Stargate SG-1 where O'Neill and Teal'c get stuck in a time loop, eventually realize it, and just start having fun - using the gate like a driving range, kissing Carter, etc.

I guess my answer is similar to lizzielizzie Knowing there is no consequence and everything resets, I'd proposition some people I lust after but have never approached about it for various reasons. I'd eat a lot of unhealthy stuff. I'd take my car out and see how fast she'll really go. I'd probably drop social politeness and just say things I normally clamp down on. Fuck work, of course. I'd use my credit cards until they melted down. I'd probably drink and do some drugs. Basically just have a complete, let your hair down, good time for a week. Treat Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas like and instruction booklet. ;-)

I don't know if I'd do anything to really harm others - knowing everything reset I might be tempted to do something like carry my Glock around and just shoot anyone who is an asshat that week. But I have the feeling that, even knowing there were no consequences, I wouldn't be able to just go around killing in cold blood.
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