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Oh, just to note...

I have a doctor's appointment. So folks can stop poking me about it and telling me I need to call the doc. I did. And I've made a list of things to ask about.

Edit: Err, I didn't realize how that might read. No, I'm not ill. Well, not in that way. I'm going to ask about this ulcer/hernia/whatever it is. My migraines. Nutrition/weight loss. High blood pressure. Etc. Basically I haven't had a physical in a couple of years, I was under treatment for dangerously high blood pressure and just kind of stopped going (yes, I know, that's stupid, thanks, I can be stupid, I know), and I've just generally been procrastinating about finding out why I seem to have heart burn which never goes away, just varies from annoying to agonizing. Figure I may as well have all the blood test and stuff too, to make sure I'm not carrying the Black Death or something...
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