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The rain can stop now...

So the waterproofing company is supposed to be here Monday to work on the corner of my basement where I'm getting seepage...

Hopefully they'll be able to work in standing water, since the seepage has turned into visible streams of water shooting out of the foundation wall and flooding the basement. Up to an inch in places, and rising. Earlier tonight it was just a bit in the corner. Later there was water flowing across the floor. Now almost the entire basement is wet and I was just watching water coming in near the bottom of the wall, shooting 4 inches out from the wall in an arc to the floor in one spot, and visibly flowing rapidly in a few others. It is pouring out. I think the ground along the foundation just hit complete saturation after a solid week of rain, and now this downpour is taking the path of least resistance through the soil - which is into my basement.

I'm just sad. I foresee having to rip out the carpet that is in most of the basement, now under water, and perhaps the finished walls since I suspect this isn't the first time, and if they've wicked up water there may be mold and such behind them. I *think* all the leaks are in the one corner, that's where I'd alway seen the water before, but now it is hard to tell since the floor is all wet.

Well, I was considering having the whole basement done next year when I had more money - they can extend the work they're doing in the corner next week. And that means tearing out the finished walls covering the inside of the foundation anyway. Weee... And I suppose I need to see if I can sue the jackass who sold me the place without disclosing this little issue, since I bet he knew. I may have still bought it, but I would've factored the work into the purchase and probably would've had it all done right off before the weather turned. When I looked at it the first time the carpet was all wet and they claimed they just 'steam cleaned' it. Now I suspect it was the spring rain and perhaps he did clean it, to suck up the water and cover up the leakage.

I do like this house, and we've done a lot to it already, but things like this just hit hard. Makes you feel like each step forward has an equal and opposite reaction...
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