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Five questions

mindways has interrogated me...

1. If you were given the power to create a god, would you? If so, what would they be like?

To create a god? As in metaphorically, or as in a real being of great power? While I don't personally believe in deities, in a world where you could create a real manifestation... I don't know. I'm not sure what the point would be in creating a god... And if you have the power to create gods, does that make you an uber-god? I'm tempted to say I'd create Teleute, aka Death, from The Sandman, because I've had a crush on that character since her first appearance. Or maybe I'd bring Eris to life just for the hell of it.

2. If you had to give up one activity on which you generally spend 5 or more hours per week, what would it be? (It can be anything, but normal consequences apply - so "sleeping" probably isn't the best option. ;)

Well, the only things I tend to spend that much time on a week, normally, are working - and I can't stop working since the consequences would be going broke, eating - that's kind of important, driving - but that's almost all to-from work so we're back to that, messing around online for non-work things, reading, listening to radio/music, or watching TiVo/TV. If I had to give one up, I'd probably give up listening to music, which I do mostly while driving and working.

3. Which is more important to you: to be respected, or to be loved?


4. (I seem to recall you have asthma; if not, substitute "What's a question you hoped I'd ask?" instead.) If your asthma were less of a problem, are there any forms of sport / exercise / activity you'd pursue more actively? If so, what?

Well, I have allergies which can be severe and I had asthma while younger, don't think I do now. But no, not really, maybe if I'd hadn't had it when I was young I would've been into sports more, and that would've carried over. But in the great web of things, since I wasn't then, I grew up with pretty much no interest, so I have no interest in sports at all now. I used to bike a lot, and I miss that a bit, but riding alone is a drag and I'm a casual rider not into dressing up with all the gear or mountain biking. So no, I don't think it really matters now.

5. If you found a girlfriend who really liked you, but became terribly unhappy when you got sucked into things for days at a time (work being foremost among them, but also random projects and suchlike) and ran yourself ragged - would you be willing to give up those things which suck you in like that?

One of the reasons I get sucked into things is that I have few good reasons NOT to get sucked into them. If I had a good reason, like a woman I loved and who loved me, I would gladly sacrifice other things in my life. Not *everything*, I'm realistic, I know I wouldn't be happy trying to live my life just for another person. But it isn't like I don't have more projects than time now, so I'd just have to stretch things out even more. I have been tested with the "Naked woman vs geeky project" test - the project lost. :-) But I might take some time to adjust - break the routines I have and wind things down. And how much I devote to someone probably does depend on how deep the relationship is.
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