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Road trip!

Thursday z_gryphon trucked down from Maine, and we met up with kviri and frozencapybara for dinner. Then back to my place to pack up and get on the road.

We drove down to NJ because we're geeky fanboys and wanted to see James Burke give a keynote address. We got on the road kind of late, after midnight, but we made good time - the first road trip in my new car. We got a couple of hours of sleep, and Friday morning we got over to Kean University to catch the keynote, and meet up with mephron, our local fixer.

After the keynote we stuck around for a bit, but decided to bail and get lunch at Arthur's Tavern, a local joint we decent steak. After lunch we hit B&W Bakery for desert - a slab of crumb cake.

Not just any crumb cake, this is the crumb cake of the gods! If I'd known how good it was, I'd've bought many slabs of it to bring home and freeze. If you happen to be in the area of 614 Main St., Hackensack, NJ, you need to stop into B&W Bakery and get some crumb cake. And while you're at it, get some extra and ship it to me! (And z_gryphon would probably appreciate some too.) Heck, mephron, if you can ship it I'll pay. :-) The plan was originally to go see Good Night, and Good Luck, but ZG and I were dead tired and I was starting to feel iffy about driving. So we all went back to our hotel for a bit of a lie down. After a few hour's nap, we were refreshed and headed out to a later showing of the film. Now, please excuse this...


This is one of the best films I've seen in ages. Extremely well done - well acted, tight direction, great cinematography, everything. And the subject matter has more than a little bearing on current events. Really, see this film.

After the film we dropped off mephron, returned to the hotel, and crashed. Today it was a nice drive back. We were worried about the forecast, which threatened rain and snow - fun driving weather - but it was clear sailing all the way to Worcester. The Charger is a nice road trip car, I was still comfortable at the end of the 3+ hour drive. The only downside to the trip - I seem to have left my MasterCard at Arthur's when I paid for lunch. Replaying it in my mind, I don't think our waitress brought it back to the table when she brought the slip for me to sign. I think that'd the first time I've ever lost a credit card. Oh well, I already called and had it canceled, and they're sending a new one.

Tonight we just chilled for a bit. He has to drive back to Maine tomorrow, another 6 hours, so he crashed a while ago. I just caught up on LJ, and I'll be crashing very shortly.

Oh, and don't forget, set your clocks back an hour tonight!
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