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Thinking about HDTV...

I'm finally thinking about making the jump to HDTV. The TV I have now I picked up in 1994 and I told myself I'd keep it at least 10 years before buying a new one. At the time I was aware of the developments in HDTV, and I figured that in 10 years HDTV would be viable - there would be actual content, and sets would be affordable. So it has been 11 years, and all that has actually come to pass. With TiVo coming out with an HDTV unit next year, and the PS3/Blu-ray, it seems like time.

I have two basic parameters to limit my search:
1. I'm looking for a set that supports true 1080p - 1920x1080 progressive. No point in buying something that only does 720p or 1080i.
2. I'm looking for sets 60" or larger. Yeah, if I'm going to buy a new set I want to jump to a real home theater size set - my current set is 32".

That pretty much means a projection system - mostly DLP, though LCoS is an option for a couple.

It seems like the picture champ would be the Sony KDS-R60XBR1 60" Grand Wega SXRD. That's an LCoS system, and from everything I can find it would have the best picture. However, it is easily the most expensive, by far, since it is the best and LCoS is a new technology. I'm thinking about it, since this will probably be my TV for at least the next 10 years, likely longer. But the cost is more than a 72" Toshiba DLP set...

Which brings me to the set that seems to be the leader right now - Toshiba 62HM195. This is a 62" DLP set. It is the lowest cost of the sets I've been looking at (pricing things online - Froogle, etc) and it seems to be decent. There is also a 62MX195 from the 'Cinema Series', which costs a little more, but I can't see a real advantage to it. There is also a 72HM195, which is the 72" version, otherwise the same. It seems to be a decent set.

There are some others, which don't really distinguish themselves: Samsung HL-R6168W 61" DLP, Mitsubishi WD-62628 62" DLP, or the JVC HD61FH96 61" LCoS.

Does anyone have any opinions about these sets? Any other sets that fit the requirements that I should consider? Recommendations for review sites that would have more info on these?
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