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MegaZone's Safety Valve
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
Zoner no baka!
So a little over a week ago I, with usagijer's help, setup the domain mapping on LJ so that blog.megazone.org points to my LJ. And starting around then I started reading my friends page using http://blog.megazone.org/friends, just because.

Today I realized that, even though I'm logged into LJ, since the cookie is for livejournal.com it isn't seeing me as logged in when I read using that URL. What does that mean? I haven't been seeing any locked posts for a week or so. I noticed it today when I made one and didn't see my own post. I just scanned my friends list going back to around December 7, and caught a bunch of posts I'd missed, but I'm not going back farther. (That's as far as 'previous' will take me - 1000 entries. I have a busy friends list.) So if you said something I'd normally have commented on, and I didn't, I probably just didn't see it.

Guess I won't be using that URL to read anymore.

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