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And now I'm a locksmith

Ok, so the movie was great, and maybe I'll post more about the content at some point...

But when I got home I had a little unexpected 'fun'. I unlocked the deadbolt on my apartment - and the key wouldn't come out. It wouldn't even turn back to vertical properly. Each time I turned it back and forth it got *harder* to turn.

Ok, so I took apart the lock and tried to get the key out.

It broke off in the lock.

Right. Joyous. See, the deadbolt is my only lock - the knob isn't locking. Sure, I could lock it from inside while I was in the apt. I could leave by the back door - but the key was in the lock. I didn't want to trust it like that.

So I disassembled the lock. All the way. Down to the little springs and tumblers level. Once all the tumblers were out I could remove the remains of the key. Then I could start rekeying the lock. Once I had the core reassembled I was able to test it with a spare key. Still sticky. So I soaked the thing down with WD40 and worked it back and forth for a while. Then I put it all back in the door.

So I have a working lock again. But I could of dealt without having this adventure.

Oh, and I got mail from MA telling me I had better pay my taxes.

I paid my taxes. I just printed out an image of the cancelled check from my credit union's website.

Tomorrow I get to call MA DOR and see if I can get them to acknowledge my payment.

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