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The Matrix Reloaded Spoiler Entry

To avoid spoilers in the comments on last night's entry, dump them in here. Unfortunately there is no good way to do a spoiler warning in LJ comments - you can't LJ cut a comment, and once you see the warning the other text is right there. (I'm not a fan of the "gobs of whitespace" method.)

So, don't read the comments if you don't want spoilers.

Do you think the Oracle was in on the scam?
I'm not sure, but I suspect she must have known about the others. The Architect seemed to indicate that he and she had both been around through several iterations of The Matrix, and I don't think she is 'reset' each time. Though I suppose it is possible, it doesn't seem likely. I'm not sure what her motives were - perhaps she really wants to see The One overthrow things and she's been waiting for one who wouldn't chose the 'logical' option of saving Zion by hitting the big reset button.
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