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Kong is King

I went to see King Kong tonight..

Holy shit, WETA better win the F/X Oscar for this. Wow. Just, Wow! There were maybe a couple of shots where by 'CGI alarm' went off, mainly with humans looking a bit too 'rag doll'. But that was very minor. Kong was just unbelievably incredible - or perhaps incredibly believable is better. Both WETA's effects team and Andy Serkis deserve massive kudos for bringing Kong to life. I really found myself caring about Kong and feeling it was so unfair.

They also did a good job on the creepy crawlies on Skull Island. TOO good, my skin still crawls when I think of some of them. I'm not a big fan of bugs. The dinosaurs were also well done, and the fight with Kong really kicked ass! And Curtiss Helldivers!

Of course, it isn't an action movie. I doubt I could spoiler King Kong, but this is a good version. Jack Black was born to play his role, really well done. I think people looking for non-stop action will think this is too slow, but I thought it was well done.
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