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Two weeks until Las Vegas and CES

Once again this year I'm going to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I'll be flying out on January 4th and returning on the 9th, the show runs the 5th to the 8th. Of course I'll be hitting TiVo's booth first thing and reporting on any news in tivolovers, and my next priority will be Blu-ray info for bluraydisc - yeah, and anything those HD-DVD losers have to say. ;-) I'm excited about the trip - and not just because of the monster mug of coffee I just gulped down, or getting out of the cold for a week. :-) I'm such a geek boy, bright, shiny, expensive toys get my juices going. ;-) I want to bask in the glow of insanely huge plasma screens. I'm not a gambler at all, so that part of Vegas doesn't appeal to me really. And while both Adult Entertainment Expo and Internext Expo are running concurrently with CES this year, I don't plan on hitting those. Last year Internext ran sequentially with CES, so I attended Internext for work, then CES for fun. But since they're simultaneous this year, it is just CES for me. :-) (Yes, I would pick the gadgets over the pr0n.) About the only thing missing is a geeky girl who'd like to go with me - maybe next year.
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