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Which Sarah just got a TiVo and used me as the referral?

First of all - thanks! However, you used my main email address and not the one I use for TiVo referrals. And because of TiVo's stupid system that means the credit went into the ether and the only way for me to get it now is the request it. And for that I need the first and last name, email address, and TiVo Service Number as registered, and the approximate registration date. (Which I presume was today.)

Of course, the notification email just says 'Sarah' - no email, no last name, which is oh so very useful. I've complained to TiVo about this many times - they need to allow you to link multiple email addresses to one rewards account and/or provide more identifying info in the notice.

If you can send me the info, I'd appreciate it. Thanks again!
Tags: bitch, tivo
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