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Underworld: Evolution

I just got back from seeing Underworld: Evolution. It is a lot of fun - definitely not a 'deep thoughts' film, but lots of action, fights, gun play, and, of course, Kate Beckinsale in painted-on clothing. And, *out* of painted-on clothing. The movie has an 'R' rating, but I think they must've had to do some careful editing to avoid NC-17, and not because of the violence. It has one of the most graphic sex scenes I've seen in a 'mainstream' film. Not getting NC-17 took careful camera angles and editing. ;-)

So, yeah, I admit it, the main reason to see this movie is to watch Kate Beckinsale. :-) Her outfit is totally impractical, especially the heels, for a fighter - but damn, she looks good in it. ;-) The plot is best not closely examined, and continuity is questionable. But if you're looking for a pretty action movie to enjoy with your brain idling, this is a good one. :-)
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