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How did I manage that?

I just realized, at 18:17, that I forgot to shave this morning. I was studying something, resting my chin on my hand, when I suddenly realized that I should NOT be this furry. I remember getting ready this morning, and thinking about shaving as I brushed my teeth... and then I guess I blanked.

I seem to be doing that today - I also almost ran out of gas on the way to work. I meant to stop on the way home last night I forgot to, and then this morning I jumped in the car and got right on the highway to work. Fortunately I noticed the gas light on just before I passed the last exit on I290 that was still close to facilities. If I'd been further along I'm not sure I would've made it to a gas station.

I think it is just fatigue - not enough sleep and too much stress (hectic week), and my brain isn't keeping up. I just hope I'm not forgetting anything else, especially anything important.
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