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Five on Friday - Get Your Drink On!

I picked this up from a number of people on my friends list...

1. What is your favorite beverage? Why?

Iced tea, unsweetened. Anyone who goes out to eat with me has probably noticed that I *always* order unsweetened iced tea. Well, OK, nigh-always. Once in a blue moon I'm in the mood for something sweeter and get a Coke or Pepsi, or the place doesn't have iced tea. I like it because it is non-carbonated, and therefore more thirst-quenching and refreshing, and since I could stand to lose weight a non-sugared beverage is a good option.

2. Your preference: Tea, coffee, or hot cocoa?

In isolation, hot cocoa. A good, rich, smooth hot cocoa. On more practical grounds, tea. I drink coffee, but I've never been a huge fan. Most coffee is too bitter, and I don't care to be bothered brewing my own since I don't like even good coffee that much. But I still remember the best damn cup of coffee I ever had. It was in the business offices at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, NYC. I was there with tatsugawa going over AXNY issues, and he told me I *had* to try the coffee because it was fantastic. So I did, and it was. It was rich, smooth, completely not bitter. If all coffee tasted like that, I'd drink it a lot. So it is probably best that it isn't.

3. Favorite thing to drink in the heat of summer?

Iced tea.

4. Worst beverage you've ever tasted?

Um, that's hard to answer, I've had a number of vile concoctions over the years. What is freshest in my mind is the 'stuffing' flavored soda qedrakmar had from the Jones's soda Thanksgiving pack. It was like slightly herbal sea water, but worse. Fortunately I wasn't here when they had the brussel sprout flavor - I understand that was utterly vile.

5. How do you take your water: flavored, bottled, carbonated, or straight from the tap?

I have a Poland Spring dispenser at home and I drink a LOT of water from that. Most of the time at home I have water. Just plain spring water.
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