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I'm going to Disney World

Plans have firmed up. I will be flying down to West Palm Beach, FL on Friday, February 17th to visit my folks. (Who actually live in Jupiter, but WPB is the closest airport.) On Sunday, the 19th, we're heading up to Orlando to WDW. My dad crazily booked two rooms (one for them, one for me) for three nights at the Contemporary. (That's the concrete A-frame with the monorail running through it.) Normally I stay somewhere like the All-Star Resorts if it is my dime, but hey, I'll enjoy the Contemporary just fine. So we had back to Jupiter on Wednesday, and I fly back to Boston on Sunday the 26th.

Definitely looking forward to it.

(Yes, I actually made a post today that doesn't touch on the Japanese and/or sex... speaking of, there are usually some attractive women at the Japan pavilion in EPCOT... oh, damn...)
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