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Oh, there's just one more thing...
I'm getting involved with fanfic again. A week or so ago z_gryphon called me to discuss a concept for a 'reboot' of one of our moribund universes, Hopelessly Lost. Right away we started batting plot concepts around and fleshed out the new basis, characters, and plot points. It is kind of like what the new Battlestar Galactica is to the old version. There are common elements, but it shouldn't be confused as a straight remake or such. And, apparently possessed, he bashed out the entire first episode in double time. Now the first episode of Bubblegum Crisis: The Iron Age "Meet Interesting Singles in Your Area" is up.

Also, as one of the main characters is a reporter, there is the companion 'in story' news service StarkWire. I suggested that during the development talks and I think it is working nicely. :-) You can get to it directly on LJ as starkwire.

It is nice to be doing this again. I haven't had time to really do any writing, but just working out the story is a lot of fun. Well, frankly, that's the most fun part of creating a story - actually banging on keys to make into words is the tedious part. But I do still enjoy that too. Maybe I'll have time to do some of that along the way too, this week was especially hectic, and the story development happened a lot faster than I expected it to.

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mechaman From: mechaman Date: January 29th, 2006 11:37 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
That's more or less my problem over time. Can I create a decently detailed story structure? Yes. Is it interesting? I've been told at least it is. But getting it from 'boarding' to full fleshed... not so much. Especially as I suck at dialogue.

However, I really do like how this one looks to be hanging together.