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Today has been guest

Saturday night I started feeling 'off', Sunday I felt sick and ended up eating some cereal in the evening and even that made me feel worse. This morning I felt a bit better, but still not well, and not up to facing the office. So I ended up emailing in sick and crawling back into bed. I didn't get up until about 8PM, and I do feel better for having rested, and my appetite is back, but now I've got that nagging 'wasted day' feeling. I decided to have pasta for dinner, since it is simple, and ended up burning my hand. I went to stir the sauce and apparently it was super-heated, but not bubbling - and as soon as the spoon broke the surface tension in erupted, spewing hot sauce all over my hand. Looks mild, so it shouldn't be a problem, just unpleasant.

Speaking of hot sauce, though a different sort, another source of hot sauce. I'm tempted to sign up for the hot sauce of the month club. I probably shouldn't, I have a shelf full of bottles (and more in the fridge) and it seems I acquire them fast than I use them.

I also discovered a place to eat, if I ever find myself in Wisconsin.
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