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NZ90 experience update

Well, I've had my NZ90 now since Monday, a full work week to use it. So far I'm still very happy - but there are two changes since my earlier post.

1. AvantGo must've been reading my entries, they released a new revision of the beta for PalmOS 5 that does what I want. Now when you select AvantGo and it comes up, the scroll wheel scrolls the screen. Except now if you press the wheel, it switches to highlighting links. And it is smart enough to highlight the first link *on the screen*, not the first on the page. So now you really and use it one handed.

2. After a week of using IntelliSync I decided I loathed it. The way it handled conflicts and changes completely sucked. I decided to remove it and install PocketMirror Pro. Going back to PMPro was a welcome change. I got so sick of having to constantly Approve things in IntelliSync every time I changed an entry, etc. It meant not being able to press sync and forget about it - it'd sit there waiting for input until I did something. I couldn't find any settings to fix it either.
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