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My hatred and loathing grows

Every time I have to do something new for the web, and I think I've reached the bottom of the seething pit of hatred and loathing I have for IE6, I find there is yet another circle of hell to explore. Even using Dean Edwards' patch library cannot salve my burning hatred. Things that should be easy, and that are easy in a real browser, are made difficult by IE's lack of, or incorrect, standards support. And things that are tricky in other browsers become so maddening I feel I'd be better off chatting face to face, so to speak, with a Shoggoth. And half the time when I find the magic combination of XHTML and CSS that makes it work, it still doesn't make any motherfucking sense! The only way to make shit work in IE is to not be sane! If you try to do things in a what that makes sense you're doomed! It makes me want to reach into my monitor and rip out IE's guts until I find the back-asswards code that otherwise stupidly pointless code satisfies enough to allow IE to behave, well, mostly. I'm screaming at an insensate object! WHAT DO YOU WANT? MY SOUL?! TAKE IT! JUST WORK DAMN YOU!! *seethe*

I really, really hate Internet Explorer, quite a lot.

I just wanted to share.

Thank you, and good night.
Tags: bitch, geek, hate, standards, web, work
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