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Real Genius: EPCOT

Oh, I meant to post this while I was in vacation, but I didn't.

One of the highlights of my trip was going to The Land at EPCOT and taking the Behind the Seeds walking tour of the green houses. $12 for adults, $10 for children - and worth it if you're a geek, or into plants, IMHO. If you go within the next 4 months or so, try to go on one of the tours (they're offered like every 45 minutes during the day) with Becky. Becky was my tour guide, and at first I had this nagging feeling that she reminded me or someone - and it hit me. She reminded me of the hyperactive Jordan from Real Genius. I think she even looked a bit like her. Only blonde. Becky is from upstate NY, same as I (Albany-Schenectady area), and, IIRC, just graduated from Syracuse. She started a 6-month post-grad internship at EPCOT in December and she obviously *really* enjoys what she's doing, which made her a lot of fun at the tour guide. We chatted for a bit at the end of the tour, and if it hadn't been my last day at Disney (I was driving back to Jupiter that night) I'd've probably asked her to dinner because she was really cool and interesting. She is hoping to go to Vermont to study herbal medicine and healing after the internship is up. I'm kicking myself for not giving her my contact info. :-) (Yeah, she was cute. But, that aside, just cool - and I know folks around here into alternative medicines, etc, that I could've introduced her too as well.) So, anyway, if you find yourself at Disney World, EPCOT in particular, before she's gone in June - go on the tour with her. And tell her MegaZone said 'hi'. (Like she'll remember me, how many people do they guide in a day, let alone 6 months... 10 people a tour, a few a day per person most likely... Maybe 'that really tall guy from your area of NY'. ;-))
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