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Sunday dinner at the Sakura Tokyo

Sunday night delenn1122, usagijer, solipsistnation, jehanna, Steve R., gizmoek, Vaughn, slarti, and I descended on the Sakura Tokyo in Worcester for another great Japanese meal. Steve introduced me to the trick of dissolving a TON of wasabi in a little soy sauce, then letting the pickled ginger soak in in while I ate - saving it for last. Wow, what a head clearing rush that was. Mmm-mmm. ;-)

I didn't hang out after dinner, primarily because the last three times I spent time in that apartment I suffered a massive allergy attack later in the night - sniffling, wheezing, itchy eyes - that would linger another couple of days. It is like each time I encounter the bunnies my reaction gets worse. :-(

But I did have the NZ90 with me at dinner, and I took the opportunity to test the camera out a bit. The photos are behind the cut - presented in 1600x1200 as taken, to exhibit the camera's quality. The lighting was low enough that it used the flash.

Ford, Mute, Jer, Sham
jehanna, solipsistnation, usagijer and delenn1122

Gizmo, Steve R.
Vaughn's nose, gizmoek, Steve R. and jehanna

Slarti, Vaughn
slarti and Vaughn

Zoner, Slarti
Some random family next to us, myself, and slarti - this one taken by Steve.

I hesitated to post this one, because I look so stupid. ;-) Steve snapped this has as I was savoring the burn from the wasabi-ginger combo. That's actually an expression of satisfaction and joy. ;-)
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