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Digital Product Placement

I spotted this here, Marathon Ventures. One of their offerings is "Digital Brand Integration" - aka digital product placement. Check out the slide show.

I knew it was just a matter of time until this kind of thing started to spread. Especially with the rise of the DVR and TiVo reducing the effectiveness of the 30-second spot. I've been saying for years that we'll see a rise in product placement. The technology has been there for a while - think of sporting events where there are ads on the field, or court. These days those ads are often not really there, they're digitally added to the image, often so seamlessly you don't notice. Over the field, but under the players - and that's in real-time. Working with pre-recorded content they can do a lot more to blend the inserted product into the image. The geek in me is impressed by the technology, but at a gut level this makes me profoundly uneasy. Seeing is believing - and you'll believe what they want you to.
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