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I'm a pod person

I spent the evening after work at Ralph's, just kind of hanging out, and I rather enjoyed it. When did I start enjoying spending the night in bars? Sure, I've been going to Ralph's since 1992 or so, but usually not for an entire night, and I don't recall feeling bummed when they made everyone leave. I was just getting my second wind. You know, I think some of it is the lack of smoke. I could never hang out there for a night in past years because I'd stop breathing from the smoke. Now that it is smoke free I don't feel sick after a couple of hours. Hmm...

And then, just because, I decided to light up my tires on a whim. Never done that. Not sure what got into me. Especially since it made me laugh. No, I wasn't drunk, I stopped drinking hours before closing - I don't drive drunk. I actually thought "I wonder if I can light them up if I turn off the electronic throttle control." *click* Brake. Gas. *SMOKE* "Heh, yep!" I've cracked. Yes, my car still makes me grin. I'm going to get in trouble someday.

The sun is well up, I should crash...
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