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What day is it?

Ugh. So after my last post I thought I'd get a nap. I had one call from work, then crashed again. I'd set my alarm but when it went off I could tell I needed more rest, so I killed it and went back to sleep. Oh, at some point in there I looked outside and swore I saw a freakin' blizzard. Tell me that was real. And then explain to me why we had a raging snow storm on April 4th. :-) So, anyway, I finally woke up at 00:45 or so. Hungry and thirsty, since I'd been down all day and hadn't fed since Monday dinner. Couldn't decide what meal it was supposed to be, so I had a bowl of cereal and an asian noodle bowl. *shrug*

Of course, now it is the middle of the night, I'm up but still feel off, and now my hours are totally inverted. Do I just go into work now, or try to sleep a few hours and go in earlier than normal - but not stupid early? *sigh*
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