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Attn fellow Treo geeks

Last week I reconfigured our Exchange server (no comments) at work to support POPS, IMAPS, and SMTPS so I could use email remotely. I originally setup the default VersaMail for IMAPS/SMTPS and it worked well enough, but seemed a bit limited. So I've played with some others, including SnapperMail which is one of the 'big names', but since Friday I've been using Chatter Email and so far I'm fairly impressed. It has a lot of features, including a decent 'push email' system. If your IMAP server supports the 'IDLE' command then it will connect and remain connected but 'IDLE', as soon as new mail arrives the phone knows. It is kind of fun (geeky fun, but still) to delete a message from my desktop Outlook and see it vanish on my phone a second later. It can also do this in the background while you use other applications. Though, if you want it to use SSL in the background, you also need the MatrixSSL library from the same site. It can do SSL in the foreground without it, so you can select Chatter and if it is the last thing you used it'll keep in sync. I did that over the weekend, but I liked it so much I'm trying the library now.

It can also do SMS triggered syncing - some servers can send an SMS notification of new mail, and Chatter can watch incoming SMS messages for a string and sync when it sees it. Or you can have it poll the server at an interval, or just manually sync it. There is a feature comparison table with Chatter, Snapper, and VersaMail. Chatter has nice IMAP support too - folder list sync, real-time moving between folders, folder searching, filters, etc. Neither VersaMail nor SnapperMail came close to the functionality in Chatter Email. So if you have a Treo 600/650, or a Tungsten T|X or LifeDrive, it is worth checking out. (Those are the only platforms officially supported.) I'm planning to buy this soon (running the full trial version now), unless I find something better, which seems unlikely. (Feel free to suggest something if you have a client that's great.)
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