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X-Men III: The Last Stand

They let us out early today so a few of us went over to Solomon Pond Mall, got lunch, and caught X-Men before tonight's inevitable rush. There were a number of trailers for movies that look pretty kick ass - Superman Returns, Jet Li's Fearless (billed as his last martial arts epic), Ghost Rider (yeah, it actually looked decent, but it isn't out until next February), and a forth one that I'm totally blanking on now! I remember there were four. qedrakmar, help me out here. :-) EDIT: Ah, it came to me! Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, that looks like a blast!

My Super Ex-Girlfriend looked like a *maybe*, the kind of thing that could be funny, or it could really suck hard. There was also a big poster for Snakes On A Plane in the lobby. Oh yeah!

So, anyway, the movie was decent. I was never a Marvel zombie so I really have only have minor exposure to canon. Most of what I've picked up has been from watching all of X-Men: Evolution (which I know was an alternate version, no need to tell me), as well as osmosis from a number of Marvel zombie friends, and reading a handful of the comics over the years here and there. So I approach the movies with a mostly clean slate. Even so, some of the points in the movie struck me as an obvious break from canon just from my semi-casual knowledge. So I'm sure some fans will be upset.

I think this was the weakest of the three movies, which isn't to say it was weak itself, just not as kick-ass as the first two. I still wholly enjoyed it and would see it again, which is high praise indeed from me - I rarely see a movie more than once.

I will say that, if you see it, you should stay through the credits. Yes, this is one of those movies with a little scene after the credits hinting at a sequel.
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