MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Blog software

I need to select software for a corporate blog. Hosted solutions are not an option. This is Windows/IIS and the servers have PHP. I can install Perl, but if I can avoid it I would. Cheap/free is good, but functionality is the deciding factor. I'd kind of settled on WordPress - PHP/MySQL, good reputation, free, etc. MovableType requires Perl, is commercial (pay), and I just didn't like it as much. But before diving in I decided to look around and I found b2evolutiion. It looks rather nice. PHP/MySQL, multi-blog support, lots of options for input, feeds, etc. Everything looks pretty good to me - I'd just never heard of this before.

Anyone have any input on b2evolution? Anything I should be sure to look at - I think I've covered b2evolution, bBlog, BLOG:CMS, Expression Engine, MovableType, Nucleus, Pivot, Serendipity, TextPattern, and WordPress. And probably others I can't remember.
Tags: blogs, software, work
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