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Enjoying my long weekend so far. Saturday I went to see The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Yeah, I know, it's a Fast and the Furious movie. I was looking for something with action, not a lot of plot, and hot cars - and it fit the bill nicely. I enjoyed the first FatF, but the second one really, really sucked. It relied way too much on CGI and cars defied the laws of physics, and damage, way too much. But this one was, believe it or not, toned down.

Not that it didn't have problems. There were continuity gaffs all over the place, and some bad editing. Early on they used Kid Rock's Bawitdaba for a racing scene, but I guess it didn't fit the scene the way they wanted it - so they used a clumsy edit and just played the same verse twice in a row. But the splice was VERY noticeable to me, actually jarred me out of the scene and made me go "Huh, that's not how the song goes... didn't we just hear this verse?" Then there was the Gran Turismo effect - cars hit things but either don't sustain damage, or they regenerate. A car spins into a concrete pillar and caves in the side - later in the race that side of the car seems pretty much undamaged. But then at the end of the race the car is trashed - as if all the damage came back all at once after 'healing' between cuts earlier. Another time the rear air dam/bumper of a car flies off - but it is back on the car later in the chase. After the first few times I managed to just put my brain in 'racing game' mode and not notice it so much. :-) Still, it was 90 minutes of fast cars, pretty scenery (Tokyo), and pretty scenery (women). I enjoyed it. :-)

Sunday I watched a DVD I'd just picked up - Jackie Chan's New Police Story. I mean, c'mon, Jackie Chan - do I need to say more? ;-) It wasn't his best, but it was good and I highly enjoyed it. I will comment that while Charlie Yeung (aka Charlie Young, who plays Inspector Chan's fiancée) is a lovely woman, as is Coco Chiang (bad girl), Charlene Choi is painfully cute, in a very hot way. She plays a Hong Kong police woman, and is just adorable in the uniform. (z_gryphon, I think you'd like. She reminds me of Nene.)

So far today I finished watching Gunslinger Girl. I saw this first part of this 13-episode anime series last far at PMX. We had the DVDs in Programming Ops and I watched them on my laptop while staffing. But I never finished the series for some reason, despite really enjoying it, and today I finally said "Hey, why didn't I watch the rest of that? The DVDs have been sitting right here for nine months." So I watched them. Yeah, this is a really cool series. Different. Kind of La Femme Nikita with teenage girls and a sci-fi edge. Fairly dark, but beautiful art and lots of attention to detail. It is set in Italy and they paid a lot of attention to detail in the settings, art, etc. And the music is nicely done too - it fits the generally somber mood. I'm just sorry it is only 13 episodes. Check it out. Apparently there are three related video games in Japan.

I think I'm going to catch a matinée of Cars.
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