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OK, I have a confession to make. Until this afternoon I had never watched Citizen Kane. Yeah, I know. Greatest movie of all time and all, at least according to many. I was familiar with the history, with the fight with Hearst, how it damaged Welles's career, etc. I just never got a copy of the movie and watched it. Well, sometime in the past couple of days my main TiVo grabbed it off TCM, where it was aired without commercial interruption. And this afternoon I sat down and watched it. So I can finally say that I've seen it. And yeah, it is a good film. Being a tech geek I noticed a few obvious uses of rear projection, matte paintings, and backdrops, but for its day I'm sure it was high tech shit. :-) Definitely a good movie.

Then in the evening I finally went to see Disney/Pixar's Cars. I never did get around to seeing it last week. I was trying to see it with someone but it didn't come together, so I decided to catch it this week before it was out of theaters. I'm glad I did. z_gryphon, I think you'd like it. The underlying story is really about Route 66 and the old towns bypassed by the highways. I know that's near and dear to your heart, having driven The Mother Road across country. In the end credits there is a thank you list of places on Route 66 that inspired the film makers, and I recognized a few from your tales - like The Big Texan. Oh, and do stay through the credits. The bit at the end is pretty good. ;-)

I got a kick out of a lot of the NASCAR cameos too, even though I'm only a casual race fan at best. All the characters are cars, of course, and there is a blue Plymouth Road Runner with #43 on the side called 'The King' - voiced by Richard Petty. The race commentators are Bob Cutlass and Darrell Cartrip - Bob Costas and Darrell Waltrip, of course. And there are other neat cameos - Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is 'Junior', a rookie #8 car. Michael Schumacher and Mario Andretti also do voices. I didn't figure out while watching the movie that George Carlin is Fillmore (a hippy VW bus), but in retrospect I should've caught it. It was his 'hippy-dippy weatherman' persona. Overall a fun movie and worth seeing. Technically great work too.
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