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Anyone free on Thursday, July 20th to be in Worcester?

On Thursday, July 20th, I have to have an endoscope shoved down my gullet. I was informed at the preliminary visit on Monday that I will need to be sedated and that they will not do the procedure unless I have someone to escort me home after the procedure, and that I will not be fit (or allowed) to drive myself home. Great - I live alone and I'm single. Apparently a taxi is acceptable, so you needn't be able to drive, but it'd make things a bit easier. The procedure will be at the Worcester Surgical Center, 300 Grove Street, which isn't all that far from my house. Of course, I won't know, until they call on Monday, what time the appointment is for.

So, anyone want to come be bored and sit in a waiting room and then escort an apparently groggy Zoner home? I can throw gas money, food, etc, at you if you'd like.
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