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[meme] Hearing test - MegaZone's Safety Valve — LiveJournal
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
[meme] Hearing test
You are a dog
Or maybe you are a mosquito, you certainly can't be human.

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 21.1kHz
Find out which ringtones you can hear!

Interestingly, the D (18.8kHz) is the hardest one for me to hear, and the C (16.7kHz) is the next hardest. C# (17.7kHz) and D# (19.9kHz) are both much clearer than their non-sharps.

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miashell From: miashell Date: July 27th, 2006 12:14 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
fascinating... the only one the wifey and I can't hear is the 22.4...
zonereyrie From: zonereyrie Date: July 27th, 2006 12:18 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
It is a red herring - no sound. I couldn't hear anything at all, even with the volume turned up, so I got suspicious and tried selecting that from the 'I can hear this' box - and it basically calls you a liar since it is a blank audio file. :-)

And hi there. :-)
miashell From: miashell Date: July 27th, 2006 12:34 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
lol... that's funny...

and hi there... you should come on yahoo and say hi when you get a chance ;)
qedrakmar From: qedrakmar Date: July 27th, 2006 05:00 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
Ah ha! I was wondering where my hearing went and why I couldn't hear past 12K. Then I turned up the volume a bit, and could hear all the real sounds. Whoops.
pdelahanty From: pdelahanty Date: July 27th, 2006 01:44 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
It depends on your computer too. I could hear a higher one on my Dell at work (tried with both speakers and headphones) than I can on my iBook at home.
sweh From: sweh Date: July 27th, 2006 03:36 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
With the crappy speakers built into my monitor, I could hear 14.1.

Interestingly, it seems my tinnitus is around 12 kHz.
ash_3 From: ash_3 Date: July 27th, 2006 04:14 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
I got the same result you did. I would have thought eleven years of tech support work would have damaged that. :)
From: ninjarat Date: July 27th, 2006 04:49 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
I could not hear anytihng higher than the 18.8kHz tone but I suspect that is because neither my MacBook speakers nor my PX100 headphones are able to reproduce higher-pitched sounds. Chances are that your difficulty hearing those sounds is also due to the frequency response characteristics of your speakers. Most speakers and headphones have severe dips in frequency response above around 16kHz.

Of course the whole thing is a gimmick. Cell phones are designed to operate at around 10kHz. The amplifiers driving those tiny speakers aren't made for high frequency response. The cleverness of the hack is that these kids have actually convinced people that it works.