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WPI Prof runs for President
George Phillies for President

George Phillies is a Physics Prof at WPI, and he was (is?) the faculty adviser for the Science Fiction Society, and an all around decent guy. Looks like he's running for US President in 2008 as a Libertarian.

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miashell From: miashell Date: July 31st, 2006 05:43 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
w00t! Some pretty interesting issue positions. I'm a libertarian philosophically, but not a registered Libertarian because I don't always agree with their platform... I'll be interested in seeing if this is someone I could support.
zonereyrie From: zonereyrie Date: July 31st, 2006 05:46 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
Back from camping I presume. ;-)
miashell From: miashell Date: July 31st, 2006 06:35 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
Indeed... just resting up for tonight- can't wait to see you, and for you to meet Aimee!
buddhagrrl From: buddhagrrl Date: July 31st, 2006 06:33 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)

booniesbill From: booniesbill Date: August 2nd, 2006 05:01 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
That's plain wacky, in a good way.

I bet Don wants first dibs on running a LARP in the White House..