MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

A roller coaster evening

I'm wiped out, so a quick summary. I left the office around 17:30 and raced home to meet miashell who was waiting for me. We jumped in my car and shot off towards the Sunset Grill & Tap in Allston for the TiVo meet up dinner. Traffic was a bit of a hassle, but not too bad. We got there just on time and I even found a parking space. But as I was walking away from the car I noticed a No Parking - Tow Zone sign lurking behind a tree. Yep, I was parked in a bus stop - even though there were parking stripes painted on the road. *sigh* So after the group was seated I ran out to move my car. I drove all over and could not find one space, so I gave up and parked in the lot for the liquor store on the corner. Customers only - others will be towed. OK, so I ran in and bought some beer and put it in the backseat to be a customer, I thought that was fair. I knew it was a calculated risk.

Dinner was good, and I tried the Sam Adams Utopias - DAMN that's good stuff. We also got a mead sampler and all around a good time was had. We left and walked back to my car, which was there. We put miashell's leftovers in the back and I decided to go in and see if the store had Utopias. They did - $249.99 for 750ml. I ALMOST bought it, but decided to think about it. Went outside - and my car is gone. She noticed it hanging from a tow truck just on the street, so I ran to the truck and told the guy it was my car and I was just in the store. OK, so I could have my car back - if I paid the $110. At least I wouldn't have to go find it in impound somewhere.

Oh, and running for the truck my Treo left my hip and landed in the street - and got run over. Amazingly little damage - except the screen is shattered and only partly usable. So that's another ~$200 out of warranty repair. I just filled out the forms for that. And the case clip was lost in the process, so that's another $30 order for the new case.

Overall a good night, but I restrained myself from spending $250 on a bottle of good beer (more like a liquor, really nice stuff), only to spend ~$340 on getting my car back and replacing my backup brain aka Treo. Trying not to do the 'what if' thing. If I hadn't have gone to check on the Utopias we would've been in the car and gone - no tow, no dropped phone. If miashell had stayed with the car instead of going in with me, which she considered, likely no tow... But that's not how it went. Oh well. It is just *stuff*, it is replaceable and while I don't like spending the money it isn't going to kill me. So I'm going to go cuddle and enjoy the rest of the night and try not stress any more.

Eris, did I do something to piss you off?
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